Barre Pilates Method

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October Special

Duet Barre Pilates (for two people), 6 x 30 minute turbo sessions, just £120.00

Just £10/person/session!

  Did you know Pilates is more than just lying down?

Joseph Pilates worked with hundreds of ballet dancers in his New York Studio, where he helped rehabilitate dancers from local schools and the dancers working on Broadway. 

Mat is very popular as it is do-able by everyone and you don’t need anything special – just a mat.

Large equipment can be used, but classes tend to be expensive, plus you can’t easily practice the moves at home unless you have the same equipment.

Barre Pilates Method can be done by everybody!


For every standing move, there is a lying move…

For every lying move, there is a standing move…

You choose which is best for your body!

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What do others think of Barre Pilates Method…?

‘Lift’s my bum like no other workout!’
‘Challenging but fun – I’m addicted!
‘I’ve tried everything, the gym, yoga, Pilates, spinning – this is all I do now and I’m in the best shape ever.’
‘Everything is tightening and lifting – never thought that would happen at my age!’ ‘I feel like a ballerina!’
‘Love it!’
‘A great preparation for my skiing holiday!’

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