• Meeting Mr Pilates

    BBC World Service – Audio Interview with Mary Bowen who taught with Joe Pilates in the 1950’s BBC World Service Interview      

  • Adding small equipment

    Adding a piece of small equipment to your Pilates routine can make a dramatic difference! There are several common aspects of small equipment: it’s cheap, portable and you get great results when you use them!  Below are the top 5 pieces of small equipment and why you should have them! Small Ball Well, if you’ve attended either Continue reading »

  • How Pilates can help arthritis

    In recent years, Pilates has become popular with everyone from the pop singer Madonna to Sunderland Football club – so how can it help with arthritis? First developed in the 1920’s, it is now practised by people with many types of arthritis. Pilates helps to strengthen the core muscles deep within your chest, back, stomach Continue reading »

  • Enjoy Pilates and enhance your life!

    One of Joseph Pilates intentions in writing his books was to convey the message that Pilates (or Controlology as he called it) was to enhance our lives, and not to be slaves to it.  He intended that we use his ways to help in our daily living with ease and without pain! Do you know Continue reading »

  • Meet Mr Pilates

    Below is an interesting and fact-based article about Mr Pilates…  It has supporting documents and lots of interesting facts.  This article was written by Kathy Corey. Let’s not forget too that Joe Pilates was interned in Lancaster prison for a short time before he was taken to the Isle of Man during the first world Continue reading »

  • Pilates and Pregnancy – Trimesters explained

    First 0-12 weeks  |  Second 13 – 28  |  Third 29 – Term During each one of the trimesters you and your baby will be physically changing – you may find that emotionally and mentally you are ‘not yourself’.  Your pregnancy will be unique and how the pregnancy affects you will also be unique. We have Continue reading »

  • 5 ‘must-haves’ for pregnant women when exercising

    We don’t have to join a gym to exercise – there is enough space outside and inside our homes to workout.  But if you are expecting then you should consider carefully the following top 5 tips to make each session enjoyable, safe and effective! 1.  Get Support – #1 As well as friends and family Continue reading »

  • What is iMoveFreely?

    When we move, we want our bodies to move with grace, precision and be as biomechanically efficient (to prevent wear and tear on the joints/muscles) as possible. But how do we know if this actually happens? Would we feel pain and discomfort, or would something niggling be happening deep inside our muscles that we are not Continue reading »

  • Pilates on the GO

    Why not try and fit Pilates into your everyday routine? Below are ideas on how to do that, with suggestions of where (but of course, you need to make sure that it fits into YOUR day – the more you practice, the better you get!! Shoulder Blade Stability – Uncle Fester Sitting at your desk, Continue reading »

  • Pilates Breathing

    Pilates said ” Above all, learn to breathe correctly” When we take in a breath in we are filling the lungs and the body with fresh oxygen – if we don’t, we collect stale air which can cause our bodies great damage. Pilates also said “The lungs cannot be completely deflated at first without considerable effort.  Continue reading »