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We are currently in COVID-Tier 5 and unable to open the studio.

We cannot teach in-person at the Studio, but we do offer the following online options:

Live 121 Mat-based sessions

We can offer live (via Zoom) mat-based classes using small equipment.

The fundamentals of Pilates are the same for both mat and apparatus, so no learning will be wasted.

Many of the studio 121 clients are now working out with me online.

Why not come and join them?

COVID special price:

1 x 50 minute session £30 or 5 x 50 minute sessions £135

  • Current 121 clients please contact me for your exclusive offer.

Mat:Plus - Scheduled Live ZOOM classes

Three days a week we are live from Your Pilates Space straight into your home via Zoom

Mat:Plus is our ongoing monthly membership with themed Pilates classes each month.

Watch the class live or catch up on the membership site.  Your choice!

£25 for 3 live and 1 recorded classes per week.  Cancel at any time.


Mat:Plus - Live. Turn up, Work out & GO!

Three days a week we are live from Your Pilates Space via our Private Facebook group - these are the same as the Zoom sessions but you just pay for the ones you want to attend.

Book here using Gymcatch and the link to the group will be emailed to you.

Just book and pay for the classes you want to attend - no subscription, no renews.  Total freedom.


BOOK HERE : Mat;Plus Live is our Pay As You Go class option.  No need for a membership, or subscription, just select your class, pay and you will be emailed the code for the private Facebook group. These classes run alongside the Mat:Plus membership option.

Here are our classes:

  • Perfect Positioning: There are many starting positions in Pilates and we look at each one during January. The following classes on Wednesday and Thursday continue this theme.
  • Wednesday: Pilates Intervals: Using the starting positions from Tuesday's class, we work the whole body using the matwork as our guide. No equipment needed, just turn up and turn up the sweat!
  • Thursday Small Ball: Using the starting positions from the previous two days we start with our Small Ball series. There are various ways of using the ball in each starting position - maybe you'll see some new ones?
    • Small ball for sale £10 each