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Cath's been teaching Mat Pilates since 2001 and Apparatus Equipment since 2007

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Small Group Mat Pilates

Our next small group mat courses start in November

Our next course starts in November, which is the last course of the year!

Our small group classes (max 6 students) will be working on balance, coordination and stamina using the small ball as a prop.

If you would like to join our waiting list for the next course please use this link and leave your details.

Weekly Studio Classes


6.15pm Female Fat Loss

7.15pm Barre Pilates Method

8.15pm Pre/Postnatal Pilates


9.45am Pilates to the Core

5.00pm Female Fat Loss


10.30am Studio Circuits

6.30pm & 7.35pm Small Group Pilates


5.25pm, 6.30pm & 7.35pm Small Group Pilates


For Specialist 121's and Open Studio Training

How We Help Others...

We don't perform miracles, but we do get excellent results.


Linda - Retired NHS Director

Small Group and 121 Pilates, Longridge

When I met Cath I was fairly new to retirement from a busy, stressful career and still in the process of readjusting to my life. It was important to me to look at how to maintain and improve my fitness and health appropriate to my age and ability

Before starting I had no experience of exercise classes at all, so felt like a total novice. It was the fear of the unknown.

Working with Cath has been enlightening, supportive and motivational. She has encouraged me to see Pilates as an integral part of my life.

I can see a huge improvement in my body shape and flexibility and the process has been enjoyable and entertaining!


Liz - Retired Volunteer, Bowling Enthusiast

Small Group Pilates, Longridge

I first met you at a taster day at Alston Hall.

You inspired me to join your class, firstly at Great Eccleston and then Longridge

I was unsure how I would adapt to a different style of teaching having been to a different class previously.

The class is fun and challenging. I have learnt how to keep ”a more mature body” active

I have an intermittent problem with my knee. Pilates with Cath has helped me manage it and enabled me to have less or no pain.


Mel - Back Pain (but no more!)

Small Group Pilates, Longridge

I have always loved exercise. However, I never had any strength in my stomach; also I suffered from a bad back. I heard Pilates was excellent for then, the one day Cath’s leaflet came through my door, and I have never looked back!

I didn’t have any reservations before working with Cath. As soon as I spoke to Cath over the phone I felt welcomed, part of the family. Then I went to my first class; Cath welcomed me on into the group as part of the family.

Working with Cath has been excellent. Cath looks at everyone’s needs and abilities. Since going to Cath’s class I have lost a dress size, I can complete Pilates sit-ups which I could never do. My back is brilliant now - thanks Cath!

One best thing about working with Cath – there are so many: Losing a dress size, gaining strength in my inner core, not suffering from backache, always looking forward to the class on a Wednesday night.


Pauline - NHS Clinical Director

Small Group Pilates, 121 and iMoveFreely Pilates, Longridge

I wanted to maintain fitness and mobility as the years progress.

I didn't have any concerns at all about working with you or Pilates.

I'm finding the classes very enjoyable and beneficial,  your classes are informative, as to how the muscles and the body work and to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

The best thing about working with you is that I now have better posture and flexibility of muscles and body.

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