121 Sessions: Online and at the Studio

Offering something for everyone, either at the studio or online.

At the Studio

In Tier 3 during the COVID-19 we are able to offer 121 apparatus sessions and sessions for same-households and bubbles.


If you prefer we can coach you online with our virtual Pilates sessions.  For this we use small equipment: small balls, bands and light weights as examples.

Bertha - a Full Trapeze

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cath mobile mat

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Wunda Chair

Originally designed as a piece of home-equipment, The Wunda Chair is small but packs a great punch. Designed to stretch and strengthen by working the whole body, it leaves you invigorated and accomplished.

It is a robust piece of kit and can handle many starting positions.

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The Reformer Tower or Half Trapeze is a combination of the Reformer and one end of the Trapeze.

It offers a variety of moves as a Reformer and Half Cadillac and can be converted to a raised flat mat so students do not have to get down to the floor.

Great for less mobile or those who like to be higher.

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Kit Boxes

COVID has meant a few changes, and these are an example.

To make sure you are kept healthy the equipment is sanitised and we have two separate kit boxes: clean and dirty.

Each client has their own Kit Box to use during their session.  At the end of the session, they put any kit used in the dirty box where it is sanitised for the next client.

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The Arc is like half a barrel.  It has many uses, not least for raising upper and lower body positions, as well as side-lying and even sitting on.

Think of it as the little cousin of the spine corrector.

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Ladder Barrel

Do you remember the 'horse' and the 'wall bars' used in gym at school..?

These are similar in many ways and have many uses.  On the barrel, you might imagine balancing on your bum, or your side, or what about sitting on it for a move called 'horseback'.

Or what about using the ladder for balance, anchoring your feet to do more athletic and 'ta-da' sequences.

It looks fierce, but it really is a pussy cat.

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Spine Corrector

The Spine Corrector is on one end here and usually is laid flat on its base.

This is the little brother to the Ladder Barrel and can be a bit more challenging than the Arc.

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The whole unit is called a Trapeze, but it is also known as a Cadillac (see Trapeze for the reason why).

Our Cadillac is extra special as it is also a Reformer.  It is the showman and the workhorse of the studio and is made of German beech and is very heavy.

We call her Bertha and she is also raised off the ground allowing ease of mount and dismount.

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This whole unit is called the Trapeze, but the highlighted part is also a Trapeze - don't let it confuse you!

Another name for the whole unit is the Cadillac, so named (apparently) as one of Joseph Pilates' student thought it was the best of the best, and compared it to the best car around at the time - a Cadillac.

Often looked upon as a medieval torture device, it really is a superb piece of kit.  It helps to assist, challenge, refine and move a whole host of bodies, and is particularly good for a body that is injured or has less mobile.

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