5 ‘must-haves’ for pregnant women when exercising

5 ‘must-haves’ for pregnant women when exercising

We don’t have to join a gym to exercise – there is enough space outside and inside our homes to workout.  But if you are expecting then you should consider carefully the following top 5 tips to make each session enjoyable, safe and effective!

1.  Get Support – #1

As well as friends and family who are supporting your mental and emotion needs, your physical needs supported as well – we are taking bosoms!  Any type of fitness/activity you undertake requires that you have a good fitting and supportive bra.  You may have noticed that your breasts have increased (and you feel they will never stop!), and need more than the bra’s you were wearing previous to pregnancy. Sports bra that fasten at the back with over-the-shoulder/cross-over the back straps are best.  Just make sure the bra you choose has enough support!

2.  Keep Drinking

Your body needs to be kept cool – see here for more information

You might not feel thirsty but you should keep sipping at least 1/2 litre for each hour you exercise. Yes, that might make you go to the loo more, but you already do that!

 3.  More support – your feet #2

You might have noticed your feet and ankles swell (especially in hot weather or if you have been on your feet a long time).  This can be troublesome, but it is only temporary and should go after baby is born.  They can swell so much you can’t get your normal shoes on!  This can last till after the birth of baby, so consider buying a pair of trainers that fit you now, when you are pregnant?

There are many styles of trainers, but make sure that the one you get suits your activity.  Go for function rather than appearance -your feet and legs will thank you afterwards!  Arch support and ankle support should be on the top of your list, not just the colour!

You may also find yourself walking differently – with your knees turned out (a bit like a duck waddling [sorry!]), and your previous trainer would have worn in different places.

4.  Wiggle and  reduce back pain!

If you haven’t got one already, consider buying one!  It can help reduce  back pain and can also help during labour.  Just be being sat on the ball can will challenge your core muscles.  Try and sit on it for about 10 – 2o mins per day.

5.  Support #3 – your bump! 

I know you will be doing your Prenatal Pilates to help strengthen your bump, but an abdominal support can also help.  We are referring to the ‘belly bands’ that can be bought over the internet and in shops, not the ones prescribed by your midwife/physio to help with pelvic girdle pain.

It is also a very practical addition to your wardrobe – especially if you might bend down at work and don’t want to show your back or bump.  They do give some support to the pelvis and abdominals, but don’t rely on it totally for your abdominal support – use your tummy muscles!  They are also very useful to keep your wardrobe functional for that little bit longer – keep your buttons open and where the band over the top!

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