52-Things – A Year of Healthy Living

Do one thing a week, for 52 ways to positively impact your life.

The inspiration for '52 Things' was born from the apparent need to change everything, all at once:

  • Workout more
  • Look after ourselves more
  • eat more veg
  • etc...

Some of course can easily be done, but others, like any new habit, can take time and it is suggested that we focus on one thing at once.

Research also suggests that making a habit part of our normal lives can take between 18 and 250 days.

I wanted to challenge you with making one change to a 'Thing' and offer 4 ways each month - do them at your leisure, and add or adapt them to suit you and your lifestyle.

There is no pressure to do this - just keep trying and the ones that resonate with you will - the ones that matter the most will stick with you.

Each month 4 new 52-Things will be released - give them a go!