Did you know Pilates is more than just lying down?

Joseph Pilates worked with hundreds of ballet dancers in his New York Studio, where he helped rehabilitate dancers from local schools and the dancers working on Broadway.

Barre Pilates Method can be done by everybody!

  • Bringing a new fun full body exercise class to Your Pilates Space, the Barre Pilates Method combines Pilates principles with Ballet techniques to deliver a safe, effective, dynamic workout.
  •  No previous dance experience required, we use our body as a weight to strengthen and sculpt long, lean muscles. Focusing on the arms, shoulders, legs and glutes as well as using your core to protect your spine and keep you moving for the full class!
  • A high energy class which uses flowing movements in a sequence to build towards challenging routines.
  • In our 1-2-1 sessions, we use the Pedi-Pole to enhance and challenge the moves even further. 
  • In our group classes, we use a long gondola pole to help with balance and to also challenge our co-ordination.
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barre claire and ball
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   What do others think of Barre Pilates Method...?

'Lift’s my bum like no other workout!’

‘Challenging but fun – I’m addicted!

‘I’ve tried everything, the gym, yoga, Pilates, spinning – this is all I do now and I’m in the best shape ever.’

‘Everything is tightening and lifting – never thought that would happen at my age!’

‘I feel like a ballerina!’

‘Love it!’

‘A great preparation for my skiing holiday!’