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Day 4: 30-Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Day 4:  Make time for family I see lots of people who live away from their family. As couples often meet away from home (university, work, etc) and families can be all over the country,…

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Day 3: 30-Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Day 3:  Have lunch with a colleague. mmm… this could be tricky as I am a lone worker, with no working-with-me colleagues!  So, it has to be lunch at home with Mr Hopkinson!  Not a…

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Day 2: 30 Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Day 2 – Speak to someone new Can you do small talk?  Can you walk into a room and at least say hello?  I can, but then sometimes I can’t.  There doesn’t seem to be any…

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Day 1: 30-day mental wellness challenge

Day 1 (said in a ‘Big Brother House’ voice) As week 1 is all about connections, it makes me think about the people who have influenced me (personally and business-wise), and I instantly thought of…

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30-Day Mental Wellness Challenge

Who doesn’t want better mental health?  This can help! BBC iPlayer has a 30-day challenge to help improve our mental wellness, and has an action for each of the 30 days.  I will write a…

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STEP Reebok – Gin Miller changed my life, and yours too!

Everything has to start somewhere. Mine was with Jane Fonda, and her double album of her very first workout.  My cousin Sue lent it to me. Those opening bars of “Can you feel it…?” had…

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What classes do you offer at Your Pilates Space?

Good question!! The best way to think about his is via our little illustration:   It is often hard to help potential clients choose their perfect class as there are several things to consider, for…

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“Does it proper hurt, or are you being soft”?

What a thing to ask!!! I do say it: a) Tonge in cheek, and b) With Love! ❤️❤️✌️ What do I mean? In the first instance, ALL the moves we do need to be safe…

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Mental Health First Aid

The topic of mental health is increasingly in the news, in conversations, and in our hearts. No one is immune from its effects and we shouldn’t say “it won’t happen to me”.  1 in 4 people…

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Simple Pilates

Just roll out your mat, and you’re away!        Pelvic Tilts Arm Raises with Shoulder Drops Shoulder Bridge Knee Lifts Side Lying Leg Circles Side Leg Raises Dart Threading a needle / Knee Drops…

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