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Smile – it costs nothing!

Easy ways to help beat stress…  Some stress is good, but chronic stress is not good for the mind, body or spirit. Whilst there are some big changes we could make to our lives to help…

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Why we do what we do…

Why do I get out of bed in the morning…to do what I do? Can you answer that?  I mean REALLY answer that? At first, I couldn’t…  I kept going back to the same answer……

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Pre & Postnatal

Welcome back to Exercise! You’ve had your baby – your life will never be the same again! A routine is slowly developing and everyone wants to see the new baby! With all this excitement about your…

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Pilates – Your Way, Your Space

Since January 2018 there has been a new way of working out with Pilates: Open Studio Pilates We launched our exclusive training in January, and already one person has completed the required sessions and had her…

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Meeting Mr Pilates

BBC World Service – Audio Interview with Mary Bowen who taught with Joe Pilates in the 1950’s BBC World Service Interview      

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Adding small equipment

Adding a piece of small equipment to your Pilates routine can make a dramatic difference! There are several common aspects of small equipment: it’s cheap, portable and you get great results when you use them!  Below are…

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How Pilates can help arthritis

In recent years, Pilates has become popular with everyone from the pop singer Madonna to Sunderland Football club – so how can it help with arthritis? First developed in the 1920’s, it is now practised…

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Enjoy Pilates and enhance your life!

One of Joseph Pilates intentions in writing his books was to convey the message that Pilates (or Controlology as he called it) was to enhance our lives, and not to be slaves to it.  He…

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Meet Mr Pilates

Below is an interesting and fact-based article about Mr Pilates…  It has supporting documents and lots of interesting facts.  This article was written by Kathy Corey. Let’s not forget too that Joe Pilates was interned…

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5 ‘must-haves’ for pregnant women when exercising

We don’t have to join a gym to exercise – there is enough space outside and inside our homes to workout.  But if you are expecting then you should consider carefully the following top 5…

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