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Post Operative Workout Enhancing Recovery

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Cath Hopkinson offers the Pink Ribbon ProgramTM, a specifically designed programme for those on the road to recovery following breast cancer diagnosis.

The programme will help stretch and strengthen the shoulders, chest, back, and abdominal muscles, allowing the range of motion to return to the areas affected by breast cancer. This workout accommodates women who have undergone surgery recently or who have long since begun recovery and is appropriate for all fitness levels.

The Pink Ribbon Program supports the physical, mental and emotional wellness for those individuals recovering from breast cancer surgery.

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Back into Pilates

Ease you and your body back into movement and regain vitality.

Be yourself again.

- Bespoke -

You are unique, and so is your Pink Ribbon Programme.

By me for you.

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Your Body Safely

Naturally, you will get the best treatmnt, support and encouragment.

It's all about you.

Recovery Benefits

Helping to regain strength and mobility in the affected shoulder and arm

Retraining the core muscles of the abdomen and back

Improving self-confidence

Helping to promote a positive body image

Restoring posture, ensuring proper biomechanics

Enhancing and restoring energy levels

Decreasing stress and tension

Establishing mobility and range of motion (flexibility) for the entire shoulder girdle

Enabling everyday activities and working towards rejoining fitness classes again.

Phase of Recovery

Planned and structured return to movement.

There are four phases of the Pink Ribbon Program. Progression from one phase to the next varies with each individual.

Phase I: Focuses on increasing range of motion of the shoulder, expansion of the chest and shoulder blade stabilisation.

Phase II:  Focuses on improving core strength and movement. Spinal and core stability exercises are also added to this phase.

Phase III:  Adds more strengthening exercises for the core and we begin to incorporate lower body strength and stability exercises.

Phase IV:  Introduces the use of resistance to the programme.

We work 121 with you

Everyone's experience of breast cancer will be different, so your Pilates journey will also be different. We offer private courses that suit you. We understand that you will have good days (and not so good), and we are flexible enough to work around you.

You might have regular hospital appointments or just need some time to yourself; all of these can be accommodated during your course.

What matters is that during each of your sessions you leave feeling great about what you have just achieved and that you feel confident in practicing them at home.

Before you start...

As everyone is different and heals at an individual pace, you should consult with your healthcare provider before starting this or any exercise session.

To Help You at Home: Pilates by Numbers

We ask you to complete some homework to continue and improve daily, but we make it as easy as possible for you.  You will receive a home workout pack containing a breast cancer-specific Pilates by Numbers workout (exclusive to us!), a latex-free therapy band and a small inflatable ball.  We teach all the moves in our sessions so you are confident to continue at home.

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Our Pilates Training Heritage

My First Matwork Class

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Rachel Holmes, Manchester

Stage 1 Matwork

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Advanced Matwork

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Cath Hopkinson Discussing mental Health First Aid

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Cath Hopkinson

Cath "The Pilates Lady" Hopkinson is renown for her welcoming warmth and friendliness.

Her passion is teaching: how the body works, what's gone wrong, and how to help it recover.

Having additional training in Effective Listening and Mental Health Awareness she is there if you need to talk about any issues you may be facing.

Why trust me to help you with your recovery?

Cath at Experience Pilates was the first Pink Ribbon Program Certified Breast Cancer Exercise Specialist in the north west of England.

Cath began her Pilates and breast cancer training in 2008 with the UK's first 'Pilates and Breast Cancer Rehabilitation' course.

She then progressed to being Certified with the Pink Ribbon Program, making her a much sought-after Pilates and Breast Cancer expert.

Having presented lectures and sessions for Lancashire Adult Learning and the University of Central Lancashire, and has worked with Trevor Sorbie and his charity 'My New Hair', Cath is confident she can help you too.