Group classes:

11am SASSY


7pm PRIME Move


Group classes:



7pm Pilates with Big Balls


Group classes:

10.30am SASSY

1.30pm Positive Pilates

6pm Mat-based Pilates

7pm Summer School


Group classes:




Group classes:

9.45am Barre Fitness


SASSY discount code Use SASSY501 for 50% off your first single class

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Group Class using the Pilates Apparatus

SASSY is our unique signature class not found anywhere else!  We use the whole of the Pilates Apparatus (Reformer, Cadillac, Spine Corrector, Chair and PediPul), plus all the usual small equipment.

A 45-minute class that works you, put passes by in a flash!

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Based on our Studio SASSY class SASSY@Home is a membership area where there is a live class each week at 7pm via ZOOM, but also a back catalogue of classes you can work out to.

Each week we follow the Studio SASSY lesson plan, us but small equipment (or variations of) that you might have at home.

The monthly membership is open to everyone, not just those who come to the studio.

Group class discount code Use firsttime50 for 50% off your first single class

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The class that works your SMARTER & HARDER!

Did you know that hormones play a huge part in controlling your body shape?

PRIME Move is the follow-on class of PRIME Makeover where all completing women LOST cm's off the bust, waist and hips.

The WINNER - NICHOLA, lost 28 cm's off her bust, waist and hips!!

Pilates with big balls

Pilates with Big Balls

We make good use of the stability ball (AKA Gym/Physio balls) to work your core and build strength and control.

Suitable for everyone - we especially welcome beginners to our small group classes.

Drumming on the big balls is part of our warm-up - so come and release your frustrations!

positive pilates

Positive Pilates

More often than not, a 'regular' Pilates class will take you through a journey of progressions, with the hope that you improve each week to do the moves.

Sometimes this is not possible - injury, physical limitations and illness can mean that the planned progression doesn't happen.  That can be frustrating!

In our Positive Pilates sessions, we consciously keep the level low each week but progress as necessary.  You will feel accomplished after each class, and you need never worry that the class will be beyond your ability.


Mat Based Pilates

The longest continuous running Pilates class in the Ribble Valley (so we believe!).

We started our fabulous journey into Pilates with this very class in 2001 - and as such, it is permanently on the timetable!

We themed our mat classes monthly, where we use a small ball, band, circle, pole etc to help you master the Pilates moves.

It is a mixed ability class where modifications and progressions are given to those who need them.  It is something we can do easily as we have so much expertise!  Not that we are blowing our own trumpet!

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FLEX is our Mobility and Flexibility class.

If you feel stiff and inflexible, have creaky joints and lots of 'ouches' when you move, our upbeat class will help improve your range of movement, oil your joints and help you move better.

Suitable for all levels of fitness as it will help improve everything you do: sports, running around with the grandchildren, sitting better - the list is endless.

gc barre fitness

Barre Fitness

We are delighted to offer a morning class of Barre - based on ballet and Pilates.

Joseph Pilates used to attract many broadway dancers and leading ladies to his classes - some to work out and others to rehab their injured bodies.

Barre Fitness is based on Barre moves and includes standing work, toning of arms and legs, and some floor work.

Come and find your inner Darcy Bussell, even though you might *think* you look like Dawn French (click here for the video of the infamous duet).

Our teacher Sue used to teach Barre, Belly Dancing and Burlesque fitness in Saudi Arabia.  She brings the spirit of the East to the North West!