121, Duet, Clinical and Pain Management Help

Cath worked in a very busy NHS Pain Management department for 8 years teaching Pilates, Relaxation, and Sleep help.

She has specialist knowledge of pain and its effects on your life, not just with movement, but the whole issue of living with pain.

Cath does have chronic pain herself, as she was born with hip dysplasia and she is hypermobile.

Spine Safe Pilates

Pilates is FABULOUS for aches and pains, but not all moves are suitable for all backs.

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CSI Scoliosis

Scoliosis is the curvature of the spine when looking at the back.

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Pink Ribbon Program (TM)

Help and Support for your Breast Cancer Recovery.

Pelvic Floor Pilates

We all have one, and it can let us down, literally. 

Looking after your pelvic floor

Pre & Post-Natal Pilates

Before during and after your little bundle of joy arrives, Pilates can help.

benefits of pregnancy pilates


Your 'Pre-Pilates' programme.  Suitable for everyone - including chronic pain.

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The Social Side of Pilates

We often set homework for you to practice and this is stored on a separate page and is password protected.   Each term we have resources to help you with your practice.

We are social butterflies too, and often arrange outings, meals, and get-togethers.

Visit our Events Page to see what our next night out is!

Courses or Drop-in's?

We try and be as flexible as possible with our classes and courses so we offer set monthly courses and drop-in sessions.  That means you can start at the beginning of the month for our group mat courses.

The Small Group evening sessions are courses.  We plan a progressive programme of exercise for each person's body and it is not appropriate that these classes are drop-ins.   During the course you attend you are learning new skills and techniques to help improve your health and lifestyle.  Dipping in and out isn't an option.

Our Small Group Studio Strength and Female Fat Loss classes ARE drop in.  We understand that you have a busy life, and may not be able to attend each week.  These are our most flexible classes - dip in and out when you need to.

Our best value for the Drop-In sessions is via our Class Pass.  See HERE for details

Full details of whether classes are courses or drop-ins are on the booking page.

Who we can help

We work with lots of different people, male and female, but often the common theme is that they have some sort of pain or something which means they cannot live their lives to the full.

Typically they might have:

  • Back or neck pain
  • Pelvic floor issues
  • Arthritis
  • Osteoporosis
  • General aches and pains
  • Recovering from an illness or surgery
  • Have a long-term condition which they would like help managing

One thing we do have in common is that we are all very social.  We are a lively group, but we do take the teaching seriously - make no mistake  - but we have light hearted banter throughout.

Paying for the courses

We have several ways of paying for our Small Group Mat courses:

  • Standing Order - this is by far the most popular way of paying; one regular monthly amount.  This too enjoys a 10% loyalty bonus.  Spreading the course fees over the 12 months is the easiest way to pay.
  • Class Pass - this is the best value for our pay weekly classes: Female Fat Loss and Studio Strength classes.
  • Per Course - Full course payment is made before the start of the next course .  You will receive an email towards the end of the current course informing you of the next course costs and theme.