Cath has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2001 and Apparatus equipment since 2007.

"Thank you very much for your invaluable advice and instruction which has demonstrated the effectiveness of expertly taught Pilates.

I hope you appreciate the difference you have made."

We come to you!

As one of the areas longest-established Pilates providers in the North West, we have made a few friends!  One of our passions is 'sharing the Pilates love', which means taking Pilates out the community and business groups.

We currently work with over 100 people a week this way (in addition to our group classes), with ages ranging from 18 to 100 (yes, 100).

Below is a list of the groups and companies we help, and how we help them:

Organisation / Company

People We Help

How We Help

British Lung Foundation /Breathe Easy


Chronic Lung Disease (COPD

 The exercise group we run for the British Lung Foundation are via their 'Breathe Easy' community support groups.

They are led by experienced trainers who have passed the Level 4 course as Exercise Specialist in Respiratory Disease.

Not all respiratory classes in the community are run by Level 4 instructors.  Cath is one of a handful of trainers with this higher qualification.

We can accept anyone who had a chronic lung disease.  You do not have to have attended a Pulmonary Rehab course at a hospital.  You are in safe hands with the trained professionals.

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Bushell House

Retirement Home

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The residents (average age 90) Alternating weekly session of seated exercise to music and Pilates, using small equipment.

Bushell House is a fabulous Grade II listed building which takes care of elderly residents both full-time and part-time.

Truly a home-from-home, there are lots of activities for the residents to do, one of which is exercise!

Monday: Chair-based exercise to music.

Tuesday: Chair-based Pilates.

Sessions are alternate Mondays and Tuesdays - they have something every week.

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Job Seekers We help people in-between jobs with Pilates and Relaxation.

Not having a regular job can be very frustrating, leading to lots of problems.  Some people have found that the sessions help them move better, some report that being a group has helped with their confidence.

Often it's being out of the house and learning a new skill that people have enjoyed.  Either way Pilates and Relaxation has a positive effect on their lives.


Pain Management Course - PRESTON

Participants on the IMPACT Course On the final week of the IMPACT course we take the class through a routine of exercises which closely mirror the ones we do at SMILE.

We offer a variety of alternatives and are very aware of how you might be feeling and what you might be able to do.

The main aspect is movement, but we also look at how we sit, stand and how to take this into our daily lives.

SMILE - Blackpool

bp smile logo

Chronic Pain In these sessions it's pretty much anything goes:

  • Low impact aerobics
  • Strength and conditioning using exercise bands
  • Pilates
  • Balance and Breathing...

As long as it helps, we do it!

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SMILE - Preston

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Chronic Pain Again - whatever helps!

In both SMILE sessions have equal numbers of participants seated or standing.   They decided on the day; all the moves can be done in either position.  It's what works for you!

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Virgin Trains

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Frontline Staff

Management Teams

Board of Directors

As one of the 'preferred supplies' for Virgin Trains, we offer not only Pilates and iMoveFreely to Virgins employees, but also various seated holistic therapies, relaxation and sleep advice.

Covering stations from Crewe to Carlisle (including the impressive Virgin Trains Talent Academy in Crewe), we look after front line staff (drivers, on-board staff, operations team), to the management teams and Board of Directors.

Having said that, I've not massaged Richard Branson...  Yet!!

If you think your hard working team could benefit from on-site Pilates, iMoveFreely, or Holistic Therapies, please get in touch.

Cath 0794 1012305