Day 1 (said in a ‘Big Brother House’ voice)

As week 1 is all about connections, it makes me think about the people who have influenced me (personally and business-wise), and I instantly thought of Helen Cox.

We met a good few years ago on a business course in Birmingham; I remember she had not long since relocated to Chorley after several years in Eire, and a history of working all around the world.   How exotic for Chorley!!

She was well-qualified in many aspects of fitness and Pilates and had done some of the courses I wanted to do – which now, I am doing: the Biomechanics Education Diploma.

She has a little girl who is amazing and she is a fab mum.

Looking outside your life and seeing how others manage, and move forward is very enlightening; it makes you think that another way is possible, and that you shouldn’t delay in ‘making it so’.

Helen has that spirit in buckets.  I need a catch up with there, so I will arrange a ‘mate date’, and we will go walking and no doubt have tea and cake.

Why?  Because we can!

And so can you.

Happy Day 1

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