Day 2 – Speak to someone new

Can you do small talk?  Can you walk into a room and at least say hello?  I can, but then sometimes I can’t.  There doesn’t seem to be any rhyme or reason for doing, or not doing it.

I think it depends on your state of mind on the day, and whether you are feeling confident or not.  You must have noticed the people in the room who seem to be ‘owning’ the room, and others that are trying to blend into the wall.

What are you today?

What were you yesterday?

Could you change?

Do you want to change?

Yesterday (day 2) I felt like a bit of a hermit – work early (7.30am), then teaching straight through till 12.30pm (with a couple of ‘unable to attend’s’ due to floods on the road).  Back home for lunch and a bit of paper work, then back to the studio for a couple of sessions.

No one new to talk to…

Then, 8pm arrives and our friend Dave came and we went to the Staggs Head, Goosnargh.  I’m doing Stoptober, so I was on soda and lime, but I did speak to the barman!  Yay!  Someone new!

He was preparing what looked like some very lovely gin cocktails with lots of fruit, and we joked that my order of lime and soda was quite easy!  He just had to go looking for a lemon!

So thank you to the lovely barman at the Stagg head for our little chat!

Keep talking and keep listening!

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