Day 4:  Make time for family

I see lots of people who live away from their family.

As couples often meet away from home (university, work, etc) and families can be all over the country, often couples settling and making a new life in the middle of two locations – an equal distance of two relatives

Family time is so important – but do we get enough of it?  Maybe not.

What if your partner/spouse has to work away? Or are out for long periods of the day?

How does getting together happen?

A short time ago ‘Date Nights’ were all the rage, where parents would go out and have a night like the used to (maybe not as late!), before children and the merry-go-round of life.  Do people still do ‘Date Nights”?

I think we often don’t do as much family stuff as we’d like to (and that includes the wider family) as we are always short on time.

Its a common phrase ‘I don’t have time’, but it’s one that needs changing to: “I will make more time”.

Having to find time can be a challenge, but with a bit of shuffling around it can be done.

Make time today, and spend some time with family – phone, skype, just sit and be with them.

Tea and cake often helps too!



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