Your Pilates Space - come and meet us

We opened Your Pilates Space, a boutique Pilates studio, in January 2018 after a very successful 10 years as a home studio in Goosnargh.

We now offer a wide-range of 1-2-1 and small group classes; we can use just the mat and small equipment or the large studio equipment.

Cath has been teaching Pilates since 2001, making her one of the first in the area to teach Pilates.  She has a wealth of experience and specialist expertise, often the first in the area to offer specialist courses.

She currently is a Tutor / Assessor for Trained Academy and Cherry Baker Education where she is course creator of CSI Scoliosis (TM)  a specialist Pilates programme to help people with scoliosis.

Above all else, we need to make sure we can help you

Book your FREE discovery session

Le's get together and see how we can help.

I can't work with everyone, so I need to make sure I can help you.  I have specific skills and expertise which might be what you are looking for.  If not, I can usually recommend someone who can help you.

Getting started...

  • Book a FREE discovery session.
  • Email us at or phone us 07941012305 (please leave a message if I cannot speak to you)
  • We will arrange a suitable time to meet up for the Discovery session.

Cath Hopkinson Discussing Mental Health First Aid

What happens in the Discovery Session?

There are several things we look at:

  • Your general health and any injuries/conditions you may have
  • We discuss your needs and how you would like Pilates to help you.
  • Whether 1-2-1 or small group would be best for you
  • Your previous experience with Pilates and what sort of equipment you have used
  • Discuss the simple homework you'll receive and how to fit it into your day
  • How you would like to be/feel/be able to do after a course of Pilates.

We also get you moving:

  • You will be using the large equipment or practicing the basics of mat work Pilates (depending on your needs)
  • You will leave with simple, yet very effective moves you can use in your everyday life.

What happens after the Discovery Session?

One thing is for sure is that there is no hard sell!  I'm not a salesperson; you will know if what we offer and who we are, is right for you.

You might decide there and then to work with us (or not), or you might need to go and think about the commitment you will be making.

Either way is fine with us - we need you to be happy and relaxed about working with us.

You will also receive a follow-up email outlining our discussion and a reminder of the course that is the best for you, and also any handouts/information we said we'd send.

What we do hope is that you continue with the moves we've shown you.