Your FREE discovery session

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At Your Pilates Space, we like to meet you before we start working with you.
Why?  Because of the investment of time and money is important to everyone, so we'd like to get to know you better, and for you to get to know us.

We don't do a 'hard sell' or insist on expensive 'assessment' sessions, we want to get to know you and your aspirations and how Pilates can help.

This session is all about you.

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1. Check your email: your appointment has been sent.


Thank you for claiming your free Discovery Session. 

These sessions give us a chance to meet and talk further about your goals and are an opportunity to try the Pilates Apparatus or Matwork basics.

2. Please complete our online health screening form

Health Screening Form

Before your Discovery session please complete our online health screening form.

Be as honest as you can - the more information we have the better we can help.

If you feel there are some questions you cannot answer, or if you would like to discuss during our session, that is fine and we will do just that.

We have specialist forms for pre/post natal, breast cancer recovery and pelvic floor.  If your sessions are one of these you will be emailed a copy to complete online or print off.

If you don't have a printer please don't worry; we have spares at the studio.

3. What to Wear / Bring to the Session

Finally... What to wear

Depending on what you are interested in, we will either work on the apparatus or mat.

Wear something that is comfortable but not too baggy.  Socks (grippy if you can) are a must - hygiene is paramount.

Please also bring your health screening form (if appropriate) and any consultant letters/x-rays, etc you think might be helpful.

Going Forward... Your choices

Class Options - Groups or Privates (121's)

Pilates can be taught in either small groups or as 'privates' where it is just you and the instructor.

Here is an outline of the difference:

Small Group:

Matwork and Studio Apparatus: our classes have between 6 and 4 depending on the type of class.  We offer both pay weekly and Class Cards for best value.  Matwork is floor based, though we do standing and seated floor work as well as lying down on our backs, sides, and front.  We can also use a variety of large equipment known as Pilates Apparatus.  Both are excellent to gain experience in Pilates.

Groups are perfect if you are generally in good health, or if you have general aches and pains.  You may still be able to attend if you have a long-term condition.  In a group, you only get so much attention as there are others in the group.  I feel that if too many modifications are required to make the class comfortable and challenging to you, then privates (121's) are the only option.  We discuss this further when we meet.

Studio Apparatus

In the Private sessions, we have access to and use of the Studio Apparatus.  The equipment might look scary, but it is safe and very effective at helping people reach their goals.  Unless you want to, you don't need to know how to adjust the equipment - I'll do all that for you.

There are many reasons to come to Private Pilates sessions:

  • You'd like to be trained to use the apparatus safely and effectively on our Open Studio Training course
  • You have a specific injury, condition or recovering from surgery
  • You'd prefer to have personal attention
  • You want time on your own
  • You really want to get to grips with Pilates
  • You might have been to a large class and wondered if you were doing Pilates right
  • There are many reasons...

You will know what you need and we will talk through the best options to reach your goals.

Book your session now - but if you have any questions please feel free to email me or call me 07941012305