Everybody can do Pilates

Everybody can do Pilates

One of the first questions I often get asked from someone who wants to start Pilates is “Will I be the oldest?”

I have to admit I do give a little chuckle, as I teach in a retirement home where the AVERAGE age is 96!

My oldest client is… 107!  So the usual answer is “NO!”

Pilates moves can benefit a wide range of ages and fitness levels, so it really is suitable for every body.

Naturally, adaptations and modifications might be required to make the moves safe and effective – something that comes as second nature at Experience Pilates.

Joseph Pilates talks about the true ages of the spine is not measured in years, or how old you feel, but by the flexibility of a person’s spine.

You could be a 30 year person with a spine as stiff as a plank of wood with achy muscles and creaky joints.  Alternately you could be an active 70 year old who is still able to twist and bend without any aches and pains.

However, the former is usually true with our modern lifestyles.  We spend so much time sitting (at a desk or behind the wheel of a car) and less time being active – walking, gardening and being physically active.  It is only when we get the aches and pains that we decide to do something about them.. However many times have you thought about your dodgy knees or occasional (yet very painful) sciatica?

The onset of aches and pains is usually down to faulty postures patterns,which have taken their toll over the preceding years.  relieving, or better still, getting rid of these aches and pains can be achieved with regular practice of selected Pilates movements.  There is no age barrier to starting Pilates, in fact, many GP’s and other Healthcare professionals recommend Pilates as a course of action.

Your Pilates exercises will stand you in good stead when practiced little and often; small movements outlined in this post “Putting Pilates into your busy day”  are usually all it takes to help your body.  With Pilates you are in control of how much you do and when.

You don’t need:

  • to lie down – we stand and sit more often than not, so practice in these positions and you will become stronger when moving generally
  • have a mat – you don’t need to lie down!
  • buy fancy equipment – yes, you can, but all the moves are perfect with or without equipment
  • to splash out on skin hugging Lycra (mmm the 1980’s have gone – leave them there!!)
  • wear a headband – you won’t be sweating buckets with these simple moves

More often than not, all you need are three things:

  • YOU

Whether you practice Pilates at home, privately with a Specialist or in small groups, Pilates can really help keep you feeling young and healthy!

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