Our small group classes have a maximum of 8 students ensuring correction, modifications and a truly 'just for you' class.

We run courses in 6-weeks blocks.  Full term-times here

Core, Floor & More

The human body is intricately linked together.  Using a holistic approach we use Pilates moves to work the core (lack of strength is often the culprit in back pain), the pelvic floor for strong insides and more, as the body moves in many different ways.

Core, Floor & More is a good all-round class to work the body from your toes to your head, and everything in between!

A new 6-week course starts Tuesday 9th January 2018

Barre Belles - Barre Pilates Method Starts 29th January

  • Bringing a new fun full body exercise class to Your Pilates Space, the Barre Pilates Method combines Pilates principles with Ballet techniques to deliver a safe, effective, dynamic workout.
  • No previous dance experience required, we use our body as a weight to strengthen and sculpt long, lean muscles. Focusing on the arms, shoulders, legs and glutes as well as using your core to protect your spine and keep you moving for the full class!
  • A high energy class which uses flowing movements in a sequence to build towards challenging routines.
  • In our 1-2-1 sessions, we use the Pedi-Pole to enhance and challenge the moves even further. 
  • In our group classes, we use a long gondola pole to help with balance and to also challenge our co-ordination.

A new pay-as you-go-class starts Monday 29th January 8.15pm.

Small Group Pilates - Mixed Small Equipment

Our weekly evening classes are the longest established in the Preston area (we've been teaching Pilates since 2001!!).  We theme each course by using small equipment - overballs, CLX bands, Pilates Circle, Foam Rollers, Light Weights, Gliders, Pilates Poles, Wobble Cushions to name a few.

Each piece of equipment has its own unique way of working your body.

All equipment is provided, and you can buy them to enhance your home programme.

A new 6-week course starts Tuesday 9th, Wednesday 10th and Thursday 11th January 2018.