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Small Group Pilates Group Pilates

As the name suggests - small groups (maximum of 7 per class) are offered in two venues: Great Eccleston (Tuesday) and Longridge. Click here for our term dates.

We run two types of courses: Mat-based Pilates and Equipment-based Pilates

  • Mat-based Pilates are 6-week courses and is themed for either body part or equipment, or both.  If equipment is used then we bring enough for everyone, but we always have spares if you would like to buy your own.
  • Equipment-based classes are our unique and innovative studio sessions using the large equipment.
    • Reform Your Fat Loss - hormone balancing and fat burning
    • Studio Circuits - 5 pieces of large equipment, and many moves for each.  Work systematically through each piece with moves to work the whole body.

How would you like to workout?

You might prefer a larger (max 7 students) class and concentrate on the mat variations of Pilates.  Using small props (balls/bands etc) we can challenge you and also give you specific modifications for any conditions you may have.

Or, you might prefer the livelier, more power-punch of the large equipment.  Joseph Pilates invented all that we are using and these key pieces of equipment have been used for over 70 years.  Pilates is more than the mat and you get accelerated results using it.

Who they help

Our clients vary enormously in so many ways, and it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who they are, but generally, they are women (though men are very welcome!), professional or busy mums, and generally have some pain/discomfort issues.

One thing we do have in common is that we are all very social.  We are a lively group, but we do take the teaching seriously - make no mistake  - but we have light hearted banter throughout.

You will be made most welcome by everyone in the class.  Read here about some of the experiences of first-time class members 

Where are the classes?

We have two locations for our evening group classes:

  • Great Eccleston - Tuesday Evening - WI Hall, Great Eccleston.  Free car parking central to the village.
  • Longridge - Monday to Friday - Your Pilates Space Studio.  Within the vibrant Infinity Fitness. 


We have several ways of paying:

  • Annual - a one-off fee prior to the start of the new courses in January.  This membership level enjoys a 10% loyalty bonus.  These are limited to just 5 and are quickly snapped up.
  • Bi-Annual -  Two payments; one in December, and one in June.
  • Standing Order - this is by far the most popular way of paying; one regular monthly amount.  This too enjoys a 10% loyalty bonus.  Spreading the course fees over the 12 months is the easiest way to pay.
  • Per Course - Full course payment is made at the start of each course.  You will receive an email towards the end of the current course informing you of the next course costs and theme.

The Social Side of Pilates

We often set homework for you to practice and this is stored on a separate page and is password protected.   Each term we have videos, emails and other resources to help you with your practice.

We are social butterflies too, and often arrange outings, meals and get-togethers.