We have different ways of working together, depending on your needs.

1-2-1 (Privates)


Apparatus for Good Health

If you are fit and healthy and want to keep that way we offer both Private (1-person) and Duet (2-people) training using the Pilates Apparatus.



Specialist Therapy & Rehab

Sometimes you might need more specialist and targeted help - you're in the right place.

Cath has had advanced training and mentoring to help with many neurological and musculoskeletal problems, including strokes, Parkinson's, joint replacements and arthritic conditions.


Open Studio Training

Let us train you to workout in a the studio on all of the apparatus, and let our studio be your studio.

On completion of our intensive 6-session course you will be fully competent to work on the apparatus in your own time - but we are on hand if you need us.


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Small Groups

We have two areas where we can teach small groups:

The Apparatus Room - SASSY

  • Offering weekly small group apparatus classes -which allows a whole body workout on the Pilates Apparatus.

Community Activity Room

Various small group classes - see our timetable for our current classes.

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