Apparatus for Good Health


Private (1-person) 50-minute sessions

      • 6 Sessions £275
      • 10 Sessions £399

Duet (2-people) 50-minute sessions

      • 6 Sessions £420
      • 10 Sessions £620

Prices are per couple, not per person.

  • Staying in good health and improving your current health is the purpose of these bespoke Private Sessions.
  • You may have some aches and pains, but generally you keep moving and get on with life.
  • Very little stops you: you're active and intend to keep it that way.
  • We work on keeping you strong, improving your fitness, flexibility and freedom of movement.

We offer both Private (1-person) and Duet (2-people).

Duets need to be of a similar health, with no significant health concerns.