Interview with Cath

How long have you been doing what you do and how did you get to be a Pilates teacher?

I started in 1986, fresh from college and exams!

Leg warmers and thongs were my chosen outfit (it was the 80's)!  My cousin Sue loaned me a copy of her Jane Fonda Workout double album.  The opening bars of the Jacksons "Can You Feel It" had me hooked!!  

I had a childhood of activity - swimming mainly, and I loved exercise and movement!

It started right there, and has progressed into a full time vocation, leading to training in Pilates Matwork in 2001, and Apparatus in 2007.

I have taught most fitness programmes, with the exception of boxing and line dancing!

In 2014 I began my journey into assessing and teacher training, a role which now allows me to tutor and assess on qualifications and courses.

Who are your clients exactly?

We have a wide range of clients - over 30's & over 80"s, and everything in between!  Most of our clients are professional women who either own and run their own businesses or have professional careers.  But we do see everyone! 

We've even helped a fitness model get her abdominals back from childbirth!

The common thread with all of our clients is that they have some form of pain: short term, long term (chronic), some who have surgery, some who haven't.

We help each of them!

What happens if you haven't worked with people in my field?

The chances are that we have...  really!

One lady said she was very unusual as she had a double lung transplant, but little did she know I taught exercise for the British Lung Foundation, so I was well placed to help her! She wasn't expecting that!

And there was also the lady who had complications with breast cancer surgery - she too was surprised I could help (at the time the only and first qualified Breast Cancer Recovery Specialist in the area).  She was very happy!

If there is a condition I have not helped with I will research the most suitable treatment, look at national guidelines and obviously talk you the client, as they know their bodies best!

If I am in any doubt as to whether I can help or not, I will refer out to your health care provider.

How are you different from other Pilates Teachers?

Each teacher and studio is different - comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges - they are fruits, but that's it!

I think our biggest difference is that we listen to you.  We hear what you say and what you want to achieve; our programmes really are bespoke - even when we plan a session, on the day we might need to adapt or completely change the plan.  That is no problem, it's a regular occurrence, so we are not phased!

Our training and experience also gives as an edge as we have had over 8 years teaching in a busy pain management service - there isn't much we haven't come across.

We also continually update our knowledge and education, not just day courses or workshops, but full Diplomas, and keep our current qualifications up to date.

We also really do care about you and what might be happening to you.  It all has an effect on your life.

What type of personality do you work best with, and what is expected of me?

I know that learning a new skill can be difficult and daunting, so first of all don't be nervous.  

We work best with those who want to help themselves and get results.  Self-starters, committed and honest (with what they need, and what they are prepared to do to make it happen) get the best results.

We tend to attract women who have reached a 'certain age' and who now value the health they have and want to keep it long into the next decades.

I need input from you and give you a little homework to do daily.

It's a two-way partnership - we work together.

What exactly do you do in a session? It sounds complicated.

Each of our 121 clients have a 'Scheme of Work'. It is an outlined 6-week plan based on the information you have shared and we have gathered.

That forms the basis of our time together.  Each week we delve deeper into the plan, and set out a specific programme. We use the Apparatus as needed but also mat and small equipment play a big part, particularly when it comes to homework.

We often use other modalities as well as Pilates - Intrinsic Biomechanics, relaxation and breathing are some of the options.

We work towards your goals and modify as needed, or even change the plan!

Does doing what you do really work?

The short answer is YES.  Pilates has helped hundreds of my clients both as 121's and small groups. 

We have a high rate of repeat business as Pilates has helped them so much, and continues to help.

People often say they feel better after the free Discovery Session.

What results can I expect, and in what timeframe?

It depends on your goals.  We can help aches and pains, and get you moving again.

We work with lots of different people and the ones who get the best results are the ones who do their homework!

We like self-motivators and those who like achieving goals.  It is quite disheartening when some clients haven't got the results they thought they would, but then haven't done the work they needed to.

But I'm sure that's not you!

Can I contact some of your former clients to see what it's like to work with you?

Absolutely!  Let me know if this is what you want to do and I can arrange it.

We have many referrals from word of mouth, so our clients are happy to chat!

How long are your courses and sessions?

Our Studio Apparatus classes are 45-mins, and we have many group classes each week.

The 121's are for 50-minutes and on the whole are for 6-sessions.

Mat classes are for 1-hour and we have 4 classes each week.  These are run monthly.

I know what I want to do, how do I get started?

FANTASTIC and thank you for putting your trust in me!

Just let me know - and we will arrange your first appointment.  You get a full welcome pack detailing all the important aspects of your appointments, homework and Pilates Kit Bag.

Email or call me to set the wheels in motion.

How do we pay?

Paying is easy - we accept either a bank transfer via BACS, or I can arrange a payment via Stripe (our online payment system) if you wish to pay by credit card.

Details will be sent to you via email.

If I'm not sure I'm ready to get started, how can I sample your work at low cost to see if it's the right solution for me?

YES - definitely - in fact, we don't work with anyone just because they have booked a course - we need to meet you first.

Our FREE Discovery Session is aimed at making sure we are what you need and that we can help you reach your goals.

We can't work with everyone - I have turned people away as I am not the best person to help them, at that moment.  Sometimes after surgery or illness it's too early to start, so we wait a while.

Book your free Discovery session to find out if we work well together.

OK, I'm ready to do this for myself, but I have a couple of additional questions, can I call you?

No problem at all - just email or call me.  I will answer any questions you have.