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Cath TA 1 Small

"Cath is the best Pilates teacher I’ve ever had.

She is extremely knowledgeable and makes the sessions varied and fun. I thoroughly recommend her."

Jane, Online Mat:Plus monthly member

A bit of what we offer...


Pilates Basics

It isn't confusing - the bottom line - just keep moving.


Free workouts

Bit-size workouts that take no more than 15minutes.

Easily fit into your busy day.

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Blogs with tops tips you can use now

We have a stock of blogs that help you right here, right now.

Updated regularly we cover topics such as Pelvic Floor Health and Nutrition.

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Nutrition and Health

With so much mis-information about diet and exercise, we look at what is a healthy diet, and find ways you can stick to it.

We work best with:


We stick to the women we know...

Women Over 40 - like me!

With age comes wisdom

But sometimes a few age-related aches and pains.

We understand.


Cancer Support

Cath has been helping and supporting cancer survivors for over 12 years.

Cancer Support

We have specialist qualifications and training in:

Breast, bowel and prostate cancers.

Pm body

Chronic Pain

Cath has it too - around her hips and lower back.

We really do understand

as I've worked in a busy NHS Pain Management clinic for over 5 years

long term condition

Long Term Conditions, including Long Covid

Being ill is tiring and moving might seem counterintuitive.

But with full support

and guidance we can help regain you energy levels - slowly.

Contact Cath for an informal chat to see how we can help you or someone you love.