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  • Times vary due to lockdown teaching, but each class is recorded and uploaded to our exclusive members area.
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Monthly recurring subscription and you can cancel any time.  However, if you do, you won't be able to access any classes.

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membership image total body mob

Total Body Mobility & Flexibility is perfect if you have been sat for far too long, if you need to move and release tension and ease achy muscles.

Just £5! Buy once, keep forever!

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reform your mat

Taking some of the most popular moves from the Reformer onto the Mat, just by using body weight and an exercise band.

Get an idea of how the Reformer would work, without having one!

Available from 16th April


Three different workouts:

  • Tums & Tush - Abs and getting to the bottom of bum exercises!
  • Weight - 2-3kg hand weights to help sculpt and shape your body - also good for menopausal symptoms
  • Total Body - Does what it says on the tin!

Builds on the Reform Your Mat series - which should have left you strong!