Open Studio Complete Training Manual

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Our Studio is unique - yes, UNIQUE!!

We are the only studio (that we know of) that will train you on all our Studio Pilates equipment


We call it Open Studio Training.

  • Do you ever fancy working out in your own Pilates studio, with the Pilates Apparatus, knowing what you were doing?
  • To have a repertoire bespoke to you and your goals, yet allow variations and modifications?
  • Would you like sessions on the equipment for a lot less than 1-2-1 would cost?
  • Are you fit and healthy and want to progress your fitness?

Open Studio Training is waiting for you!

Ready to find out more?

Open Studio Training might be exactly what you are looking for:

  • Flexibility in your workouts
  • Cross Training to help with other sports
  • Cost effective way to use the Pilates Apparatus
  • Spend some time on yourself

On completion of our 12-session programme and assessment, you will be able to book 50-minute slots for your own training on the equipment.

You will have a complete programme with a handy 'how to' guide as a reminder.

  • I will be in the room, but you are in charge of your own practice!
  • No more expensive 1-2-1's
  • Work at your own pace, not a group pace
  • Practice those moves that give you the most benefit
  • Flexible times for you to work when you want to
  • Best prices for Pilates Studio training
  • The more sessions you have per week, the less you pay
  • Get three sessions per week for less than a single 1-2-1