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Open Studio Training

Thank you for your payment of £280 for 12 sessions of Open Studio Training.

Reform Your Fat Loss


Open Studio Training offers flexible appointment to fit in with your schedule.

Our unique 12-session course allows you to become an Independent Pilates Practitioner for Repertoire 1.

After your training you will be assessed, then once you have passed you can book your own Open Studio Community sessions.

Class size: Maximum 5.  Please bring a bottle of water.  You might also like to wear 'grippy socks' so your feet don't get friction burns!

Book your advanced sessions here:

What else is included?

Open Studio Training Manual

Your full online training manual that accompanies the 12-session course.

Use when you need to revise or look up any aspect of health and safety or the purpose of each piece of equipment.

Think of this as your 'technical' manual.

Open Studio Training Repertoire 1

The technical manual to the course; every spring, every strap, you'll know why and how to use them.  This is the place to individualise your programme: what works best for you?

Make your own notes in - change spring settings, etc.

Think of this as your 'workout' manual.

COMING SOON - Repertoire 1 Videos

roll down

A picture says a thousand words, and with our quick demonstration of each of the moves, your recall will be refreshed.

It can be helpful to see the movement in action, rather than being described.

Use as you need to.

Open Studio Community Frequently Asked Questions

These questions are specific to the Open Studio training sessions and should be read in conjunction with the General Terms and Conditions.

Refer a Friend and both benefit!

Tell everyone how fabulous you feel doing the Open Studio Training!

Let them book for a Discovery session and see where Pilates can take them.

If they join the Open Studio Training - have a FREE week of your Open Studio Community classes on me when you book your 10-week block!

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