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Pilates By Numbers

Take your Pilates sessions with you!

Each programme £9.99: digital download (PDF) and printable.

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Pilates Chill Out

Pilates to calm the mind and ease the body.

Pilates Chill Out

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What is Pilates by Numbers?

These handy PDF downloadable Pilates workout cards are just perfect for when you want a few minutes of Pilates.
Created in 2001 exclusively for my clients, these workouts have been the mainstay of my 1-2-1 clients workouts, especially between our sessions.
Now you have the chance to workout where ever you are, with Pilates by Numbers.
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Reasons not to move...

(Which I've heard many times over...)

“I can’t remember the moves from the class.”

“I can’t get to a class!”

“The DVD I bought just has a handful of exercises, and I get bored doing them.”

“I don’t have time – who has an hour a day?"

That's why you need Pilates by Numbers!

Pilates by Numbers is the most flexible Pilates home exercise programme you could ever hope to use!

How does Pilates help me during my working day?

Pilates by Numbers is a unique concept where you are in control and in charge of your workout.

Each pack of exercises is a full Pilates programme that only takes 10 minutes!


How Pilates by Numbers work:

They are specially designed home practice cards that are small and convenient. They come complete with a protective wallet and are securely bound together, and are easy to flip over.

All the cards follow the same format:

  • The move name
  • Why we are doing the move
  • How we set the move up
  • Details of how we complete the move
  • Where you should feel it working

There are often three alternatives to the moves, so there is always a version that you can perform.

Each workout is a complete workout and you can combine different programmes together for a longer, more thorough workout.

All that remains now is for you to get going.

Who uses Pilates by Numbers?

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  • People who cannot get to a regular class
  • Keen students who want more home practice
  • Busy people who want targeted results
  • Anyone in pain and need to move with less pain
  • New mums and Mums-to-Be
  • A quick effective home workout
  • Women who need to improve shoulder movement and function following any breast cancer surgery