Since January 2018 there has been a new way of working out with Pilates:

Open Studio Pilates

We launched our exclusive training in January, and already one person has completed the required sessions and had her assessment.

Well done Jane!!  Jane completed her 12-session course in just under a month and has passed her assessment with flying colours.

Jane now has a 25+ repertoire of Pilates moves she can do on the Reformer, Tower, Pedi Pole, Spine Corrector and Chair.  Jane’s journey started on the 8th January when we opened our doors, and finished on the 1st February.  As part of her training, she received two manuals and a set of workout cards for each of the exercises.

Jane can now book her sessions when she wants them, allowing her to practice her Pilates in her own time, yet knowing she can ask for assistance at any time.  Jane has opted for the best value for her private practice – three times per week, but she could have chosen once or twice.

When she is more confident with the equipment she can challenge herself more (and she even sends me videos of moves asking “can I do that?”).

She also says…

I think everyone should be doing reformer Pilates

So do we; if you would like to know more, get in touch: or complete this form

Open Studio Pilates Training

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