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Female Fat Loss on the Reformer & Tower

A workout and lifestyle that gets an hourglass figure and burns fat, not just weight loss

Men and women are different.  Fact.

They lose weight differently; gone are the days when the advice was to 'Exercise More, Eat Less'.

That has gone by the wayside, as the real picture is much bigger - the main element is hormones.  We all have them, and we want them to work FOR us, not AGAINST us.

Hormones matter a lot and they play a key role in proper metabolic function from thyroid function to adrenal signalling. For those who are dealing with female specific fat loss resistance the only way to get results is to address the underlying hormonal physiology.

Weight Loss usually leaves you the same shape, but smaller.

Fat Loss is different to Weight Loss

  • Like you've been deflated.
  • You're in a dress size smaller, but not toned up.
  • You count calories, but still, have the 'spare tyre' around your waist.
  • Weight Loss is due to calorie counting and reducing calories.
  • That can lead to hunger, cravings, lack of energy and feeling deprived of certain foods.

Fat Loss is depended on getting your HORMONES balanced.

Fat Loss is about workout out smarter, less time and with a bit more umph.  It's about making the change from dieting to being a hormonal balancing machine!

Fat loss with Metabolic Effect means that you no longer have hunger issues, or cravings and that your energy is level and consistent.

Your body shape changes, you have more energy and you do lose weight, but it's fat you've lost, not muscle or water.  Your metabolism is balanced and you are healthy and happy!