Easy ways to help beat stress… 

Some stress is good, but chronic stress is not good for the mind, body or spirit. Whilst there are some big changes we could make to our lives to help reduce or omit stress, try the following quick tips to see if they help…

Developing a sense of humour about life’s challenges is an effective coping technique that can actually lead to better overall health as well as simple stress management.

That’s because, aside from the health benefits of laughter (which are numerous and significant), having a sense of humor about life’s difficulties can provide a way to bond with others, look at things in a different way, normalise your experience, and keep things from appearing too overwhelming or scary.

Properly developed, a good sense of humor can keep people and relationships strong. Here’s how to put a smile on your face:

  1.  Start With a Smile. Studies show that having a smile on your face can release endorphins, which make you feel better, and can lead you to actually feeling happier (rather than just looking happier). If you are able to put a smile on your face, the laughter will come more easily, and the stress will melt more readily.
  2.  Take A Step Back. When you’re in the middle of a difficult situation, it can seem overwhelming. If you try to see your situation as an observer would, it’s often easier to recognise what’s funny. Sometimes imagining how you would look in a sitcom can be the secret key to finding the humor in a situation.
  3. Value The Extremes. If your situation seems ridiculously frustrating, recognise the potential humor in just how ridiculously frustrating and annoying it is. In your imagination, take the situation to an extreme that becomes even more ridiculous until you find yourself amused. For example, when you’re waiting in a long line at the shops, you can imagine that hours pass, then days, visualizing yourself accepting visits from loved ones from your new home in this ultra-long line, holding your children’s birthday parties in aisle seven so you can be there to enjoy them…you get the picture.
  4.  Have A Funny Buddy. Find a friend with whom you can laugh, and let the relationship work for you! You can each share your frustrations, and laugh about them in the process. Even when your friend isn’t there, you can lighten your mood in a dark situation by thinking about the retelling that will come later.
  5.  Watch Funny Programmes and Films.   One of the factors that drive the popularity of comedy programmes and films is that they take somewhat universal situations that many people find frustrating and push them a little further, pointing out the silliness of it all. Realising that some universally annoying situations are actually funny, can help you endure them with a smile—even if it’s a wry or ironic smile.

If all that fails, think about me and what comes out of my mouth on a weekly basis! It is never scripted or planned – have a laugh with me – I don’t mind!