Studio sessions we can offer:

solo sassy


Solo SASSY is where you work out on your own and do not mix with others in the studio.  COVID Social Distancing applies at all time, as well as all COVID regulations pertaining to the current Tier.  This has been a collaborative undertaking between Drummond Education, Lady Theresa May MP, and the UK parliament.

Below is an explanation of what Solo SASSY is and how we maintain COVID-19 regulations.  By default, you are agreeing to these terms each time you attend a Solo SASSY workout.

Individual workout

An individual workout where you work out on your own, though others may be in the room too.  You cannot mix with other members, but you can talk to them.

Solo SASSY are for current SASSY members only. Enrolments for new SASSY members are currently on hold.

Pre-booked only sessions

All Solo SASSY sessions must be pre-booked.  No walk-ins accepted

Pre-defined workout

A pre-defined workout on the following apparatus will be written and reviewed monthly.  Modifications are permitted but there is no teacher available.  If you need mechanical/apparatus assistance we are available.

The workout will be displayed on a whiteboard using moves you have done in the past.

The following apparatus can be used:

  • Reformer
  • Trapeze / Half Trapeze (depending on the apparatus you are on)
  • Spine Corrector
  • Sitting Box
  • Various small props

Once used the items must be cleaned and replaced in their appropriate boxes for the next client to use.

Staggered Start times

We have allocated set times for Solo SASSY all with a staggered start of 5 minutes.

These are individual exercise sessions, hence the staggerd start.

Cleaning after your session

A Solo SASSY session lasts for 40 minutes, and 5 minutes remaining is for cleaning any equipment you have used.

All cleaning equipment will be provided and needs to be disposed (along with any hand covers used) in the appropriate place.