Everything has to start somewhere. Image result for jane fonda workout

Mine was with Jane Fonda, and her double album of her very first workout.  My cousin Sue lent it to me.

Those opening bars of “Can you feel it…?” had me hooked.

Training to teach aerobics in the north west of England was sparse, then I saw a newspaper advert for the YMCA holding a course in Burnley on Friday, Saturday and Sundays.  I paid (what was then) a kings ransom to attend.

I took the course, completed my ’10-progression plan’, and my class, all with chart-hits of the day.  But I failed my 10-week plan… BOO HOO!

Not to be deterred, I went off, re-did my plan, which I had to take back and have another viva (this time with Cherry Baker), and I passed.  That was over 30 years ago.

Image result for gin miller step reebok

Gin Miller Creator the STEP Reebok

I wanted to take the aerobics qualification as all I wanted to do was teach Step,  Step and nothing but Step.  Can you tell that I loved Step?

Who didn’t want to BE, not like; but BE Gin Miller, the originator of STEP Reebok?Related image

Over the years, step got very fast, and complicated, and more about the instructor showing off, rather than giving a workout to the class.

I was not a show-offer: hell, I couldn’t even get my arms and legs to do anything together, but that didn’t matter, as you had a jolly good workout!

Roll on 15 years, I started taking Pilates lessons, and once again I was a total convert.

I love teaching Pilates, and kept thinking the only thing that would get me teaching in a big studio again would be Step.


Though I many need a CRASH team on standby, I plan to bring back Step to Longridge, and will in the New Year have a dedicated step class in the gym at Infinity Fitness.  But before that, I feel we need to dust off our leotards, and leg warmers (not sure how much I am joking with that…😂), and have a masterclass of the Original Step Reebok.


Saturday 28th December 2019, 10.30am.

Yes, its after Christmas, no you don’t need to wear a thong or a leotard, and yes, it will be fun!

I’ve set up an events page where y0u can register your interest.  Those on the list will be the first to know.

STEP (Reebok) back in time…

I hope you can join us, it will be fun, and it’ll help balance your energy intake, after Christmas and Boxing days!

If it wasn’t for Jane and Gin, I would still be a civil servant within the Department of Work and Pensions.


Cath x

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