Cath Hopkinson Discussing mental Health First Aid

Cath has been teaching Mat Pilates since 2001 and Apparatus equipment since 2007.

"Thank you very much for your invaluable advice and instruction which has demonstrated the effectiveness of expertly taught Pilates.

I hope you appreciate the difference you have made."

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Our Boutique Studio in the Heart of the Ribble Valley

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We might be small...

We are like the TARDIS - small on the outside, but big on the inside.

We are big enough for what we do - small groups - max of 6 in mat and 5 in equipment classes.

People who come to Pilates usually need some help.  I can't help if there is a big class, I know, I've tried teaching larger.  Our clients get the best results in small groups.

The results just can't compare.


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...but we ar beautifully formed!

Our Studio Apparatus is varied and encompasses several styles:


Joseph Pilates called it the Universal Reformer and it is the most popular piece of Apparatus equipment.

  • It consists of a frame with a small mat which attaches to springs and pulleys.  Buy using the springs and pulleys the movements can be adjusted to suit everybody.
  • Start lying down then progress to different positions to challenge your body.

We have three, which all have names so they can be identified easily:

  • Ruby
    • She was pre-loved when she came to me, her original teacher is now a 2nd generation teacher, and Ruby is made to represent the original Reformer Pilates would have worked out on.  It is quite basic compared to some models available.
  • Millie
    • She is a modern variation of Ruby and is made of metal, not wood.  She also has an extra part, a tower, at one end.  Because she is special she really is called a Half Cadillac.
  • Fiona
    • A very new addition to the equipment, she is a folding studio reformer.  She needs to be compact to fit into the studio space when she's not needed.

Tower / Half Cadillac

Attached to one end of Millie, the Tower/ Half Cadillac can enhance both the reformer work and also the mat work.

  • There are a variation of springs, straps, bars, and handles, and moves that you will recognise if you do mat, as some probably originated from the Tower.

The Chair / Wunda Chair

The Chair was originally built with home-use in mind.

  • The chair can be used in many different positions - sitting, lying, standing, etc, and the use of the pedals with springs adds a whole new dimension to balance work.

Spine Corrector / Step Barrel

This does sound medieval, but it truly is a joy for stretching and holding positions.

  • It helps align the spine, relieves stiffness in the shoulders and hips as well as reducing backache.


Long, lean and free-standing...

  • It is thought this piece of balance apparatus was created by Pilates for one of his clients who had breast cancer, and on her return to the studio initially found some difficulties with the Reformer.

Small Equipment

There is a huge array of small equipment, also known as 'Props' which are used either with the apparatus or on their own:

  • Reformer Jumpboard
  • BOSU
  • Mini Trampoline
  • Pilates Circles
  • Small Balls
  • Stability Balls
  • Light Hand Weights
  • Exercise Bands and Loops
  • Pilates Pouches
  • Rotational Discs
  • Wobble Cushions
  • Foam Rollers


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In January 2018 we move our home studio to our own venue!

We are offering small group matwork Pilates and Pilates Apparatus training at Your Pilates Space, Longridge.

We offer a wide range of sessions that everyone can enjoy, from bespoke and clinical 1-2-1's to our innovative Open Studio Training where you learn how to use the equipment then use it at your leisure!

We use a variety of large and small equipment, in our packages  We can help beginners (we have been told we are brilliant at helping those new to exercise!),  but can also assist with more specialist courses for breast cancer recovery, pain reduction and muscle ease.

Due to our specialist training, we offer several courses, depending on your fitness levels and the results you want.

Please note:  our 1-2-1 course prices include use all the Pilates studio equipment and mat - we don't charge extra for use of the reformer, tower or any other equipment.

We called it 'Your Pilate Space' as we want it to be just that: 'Yours'.  We are a relaxed and very friendly studio - we have no ego, no attitude, and have no preconceived ideas about you.

In the 30+ years I have been teaching, the constant is that the people in the classes MAKE the classes.  We do get fantastic results, but we are also a group of fabulous people who all enjoy Pilates.

Come and see for yourself - book your FREE taster session today!