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Linda - Retired NHS Director

Small Group Pilates and 121, Longridge

When I met Cath I was fairly new to retirement from a busy, stressful career and still in the process of readjusting to my life. It was important to me to look at how to maintain and improve my fitness and health appropriate to my age and ability

Before starting I had no experience of exercise classes at all, so felt like a total novice. It was the fear of the unknown.

Working with Cath has been enlightening, supportive and motivational. She has encouraged me to see Pilates as an integral part of my life.

I can see a huge improvement in my body shape and flexibility and the process has been enjoyable and entertaining!


Anne - Council Worker

1-2-1 Pialtes

"Thank you very much for your invaluable advice and instruction which has demonstrated the effectiveness of expertly taught Pilates.

I hope you appreciate the difference you have made."

(Attended sessions due to chronic neck/shoulder pain and within 3 months had considerably more movement and less pain than she had had for the previous 5 years).



Small Group Pilates, Great Eccleston

I was treated for back-pain at Clifton Hospital by Andrea the Physiotherapist.  She recommended that I study Pilates.  I looked for a local class and I found you on the internet!

As you studied at University with Andrea she told me a bit about you so I did not have any worries or concerns about working with you.

I have found it beneficial to work with you.  I have learnt a number of exercises from you which have improved my fitness, not only Pilates exercises but other types as well, for example iMoveFreely.

The best result I have got is that I have incidents of back pain much less frequently than before, and when they do occur, they do not persist for long.

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Sheila - widespread and chronic pain

Specialist Small Group Pilates - SMILE Chronic Pain Group

Our Pilates classes began when Cath was asked to come once a month to our S.M.I.L.E pain clinic, which covers many disabilities for each person, I have pains from my back etc and very personal problems that my disabilities have caused.

Pilates sessions are very enjoyable as a group, one it encourages us to do our best, with Cath's teachings and encouragement, also carrying out our Pilates moves taught, that bring out the good feel factor, plus a big boast to Cath to see her teaching of Pilates is successful to us all.

More gentle flexibility which gives us confidence to keep us trying. In our group, it’s the none stop laughter backed by never ending personal advice from Cath to overcome any problem, body wise, Cath in S.M.I.L.E Group we are all that much more uplifted by your teachings of Cath Hopkinson Pilates Skills.

Cath while your Pilates classes are 100%, the sense of humour you bring to them is very uplifting, while taking NOTHING away from your teachings. Good luck Cath in your future plans, it’s a very old but true saying, “you only get out of life, what you put in!


Leesa - Chartered Physiotherapist

121 Ante Natal Pilates and Small Group Mat

I chose individual classes when I was pregnant and feeling some pain and discomfort in my pelvis. It helped me prevent the pain worsening towards the end of my pregnancy by maintaining some core stability. Following the birth of my daughter, I was still suffering from weakness in my abdominals due to the muscles separating quite significantly. The classes have helped to reduce this separation and increase the tone in my stomach muscles.

The classes are tailored to the want/need of its members, targeting different areas specifically so benefiting everyone appropriately. The grading of exercises allows everyone to be able to get maximum benefit without pushing too much..... Unless you want to of course.

My stomach muscles are resuming to more normal strength and tone. My flexibility is increasing gradually which is great for encouraging me to continue with the classes.

Cath is particularly approachable as a teacher and is always able to reply to emails or phone calls if needed – with a sense of humour!! This is a rare quality and we are lucky to have found her.


Tony - Keen mountain biker

Small Group Pilates, Longridge

I have problems with my back (disc issues) any other pilates I have tried has been too strenuous and ended up in more pain.

I had a prolapsed disc L4/L5 late 90's needed surgery but ended up not having the operation. Can't do any impact sports like running, football etc. Have slipped disc like symptons, these can be acute aound once or twice a year through to stiffness and mobility issues.

I have been with Cath for 7 years with a small gap in the middle. The gap was due to thinking I was better but after a year the symptoms returned. I realised that at least some pilates and exercise is required. I mountain bike, road bike and also fell walk. All these help my back and pilates reminds me to work my core, stretch and be as flexible as possible.

The increase in core strength, more from the laughing than the exercises, the group sessions are really good fun as well as the benefit from the exercises!


Rachel - Barrister

Small Group Pilates, Great Eccleston

In 2010 I injured my back during an exercise class.  I struggled to walk properly but with intense physio I returned back to normal.

The pain returned in 2012 after long drives to work and my work becoming more office based.

Cath was recommended to me. My concern was hurting my back again.

Cath was very approachable and I felt at ease with her.  I have been attending the classes for over a year now and my back pain has gone.

The added bonus is the change to my body shape.


Liz - Volunteer Worker

Small Group Pilates, Longridge

I first met you at a taster day at Alston Hall.

You inspired me to join your class, firstly at Great Eccleston and then Longridge

I was unsure how I would adapt to a different style of teaching having been to a different class previously.

The class is fun and challenging. I have learnt how to keep ”a more mature body” active

I have an intermittent problem with my knee. Pilates with Cath has helped me manage it and enabled me to have less or no pain.


A happy (and anonymous) client

Small Group Pilates

Cath was recommended to me. The studio has an intimate and personal appeal for small classes.

I have always had a lower back problem. Cath has paid particular attention to this in the exercise routine. My strength has improved lots.

It has increased my strength and flexibility: movement has improved lots.

Cath has always listened to particular problems and has reassessed the exercise routine to suit any ailments.
She also makes the class fun and very enjoyable.

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Small Group Pilates, Longridge

I wanted to maintain fitness and mobility as the years progress.

I didn't have any concerns at all about working with you or Pilates.

I'm finding the classes very enjoyable and beneficial,  your classes are informative, as to how the muscles and the body work and to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

The best thing about working with you is that I now have better posture and flexibility of muscles and body.


Cath - Retired Chartered Accountant

Small Group Pilates & 1-2-1, Longridge

Before I started to work with Cath I didn't’ do any exercise – I sat behind a desk for 8 hours a day; I felt stiff, lethargic, etc. I was a bit worried about joining the sessions as I hadn’t done anything like that for years. I found the personal course a great way of getting ready to join a class.

Working with Cath has been great – to start with I struggled with some basic stuff, but even I can see and tell the difference.

One of the best things about working with Cath is how supple I have become (I had to see my GP and he was amazed how supple I was - proof that it is all working!”



Small Group Pilates and 1-2-1 iMoveFreely, Longridge

I wanted to maintain fitness and mobility as the years progress.

I didn't have any concerns at all about working with you or Pilates.

I'm finding the classes very enjoyable and beneficial,  your classes are informative, as to how the muscles and the body work and to enjoy the benefits of Pilates.

The best thing about working with you is that I now have better posture and flexibility of muscles and body.



Small Group Pilates Longridge

I have always loved exercise. However, I never had any strength in my stomach; also I suffered with a bad back. I heard Pilates was excellent for then, the one day Cath’s leaflet came through my door, and I have never looked back!I didn’t have any reservations before working with Cath. As soon as I spoke to Cath over the phone I felt welcomed, part of the family. Then I went to my first class; Cath welcomed me on into the group as part of the family.

Working with Cath has been excellent. Cath looks at everyone’s needs and abilities. Since going to Cath’s class I have lost a dress size, I can complete Pilates sit ups which I could never do. My back is brilliant now - thanks Cath!

One best thing about working with Cath – there are so many: Losing a dress size, gaining strength in my inner core, not suffering from back ache, always looking forward to the class on a Wednesday night.Mel

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