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It is often hard to help potential clients choose their perfect class as there are several things to consider, for example:

  • Time - When are they available and what availability there is in the studio
  • Price - Which price point is right for them?  Our 121 / Specialist course cost more, but will they give you the best advantage? Or would you prefer the mat class, which is our best value?
  • Goals - This is very individual, and might mean that small group apparatus is not an option due to the number of modifications needed.

A bit more about the classes:

121 & Duet

We have two of everything so we can offer 121 (Privates) or Duets (2 people).  These courses last for 6-sessions and use all the studio apparatus.

People opt for this as they feel they need more attention and correction, and prefer to work on their own.  It is a very popular option as over half of our week is spent with 121 / duets.  We also have specialist knowledge and expertise in:

  • Breast Cancer Recovery
  • Pelvic Floor Health
  • Pre / Post Natal
  • Chronic Pain
  • Scoliosis and associated back conditions
  • Beginners / New to exercise
  • Older Adult

All of the above are taught in our specialist 121 classes.

As part of your package you are given a 'Pilates Kit Bag' which contains all you need to practice at home, plus grippy socks for studio wear.

We find that our students reach their goals in their 121 sessions, and then have the strength, flexibility and knowledge to move on to small group apparatus.

Small Group Apparatus

As the name suggests, we use the apparatus in a small group.

These are our second most popular class - we have 7 classes per week each with just 5 spaces.

If you are generally fit and healthy and wanting to start a class, these are the best - in terms of result and flexibility.

To access these classes we offer a Class Card, which gives the best value: 4 classes for £48.  You can 'pay as you go' for £15, but why would you?

We don't have an expiry date on the cards, and use an online booking system to track the number of classes you have used, and those you have left.  You can see at a glance where you are at.

Most people tend to have a day and time of class they prefer, but with the class card you can book onto any of the Studio Strength classes throughout the week.  Buying more classes is simple - just use Gymcatch.

If you have a work schedule where you work shifts, no worries - come either in the morning or evening.  Just book your place.

If you cannot make a class, just cancel using the app, though if you cannot give us 24 hours notice of non-attendance, you will lose the class.

Small Group Mat

Our longest running classes!   Since 2001 we have been studying Pilates!  Our courses run monthly (and therefore paid monthly), and are the most accessible price-wise.

We have different topics each month, and more often than not use the small apparatus - balls, bands, circles etc, and often pick a theme for the month.

We have three ways of paying:

  1. Pay per course:  Our most flexible way of being with us.  Commit to just 1 course at a time.  You are not committing to any longer, nor parting with hard-earned cash for classes you cannot attend.  The downside is we only have a couple of places in each class.  Let us know if you can or cannot attend if you are pay per course.
  2. Standing order: A set amount each month, regardless of how many classes are in a course for that month. for example: some months we have 5 classes, and some we might have just 2 - but you pay the same amount over the year.  If you know you can come each week, then this is the best option for you; you get a slight discount on the weekly class, plus you then become a Pilates Devotee - which has special privileges!  You are guaranteed your place each week at the same class / time.  Standing orders can be setup at the start of the year or from July onwards.
  3. Annual Payments:  We are blessed in that some of our students want to pay for the whole years' course in advance!  These receive the best prices, and also Pilates Devotees!

I hope this has given you food for though and an insight to our classes.  Just remember you are always in control, you can mix and match, come and go.

You're the boss!👍😁