Home workouts – you top 5 tips to success

When we think about working out from home, we might have a vision that exceeds our reality – plenty of space, calm, candlelight, peace…

But more often than not it is chaos!  Especially in recent times. That’s not to say we don’t have distractions at the studio – far from it, but as a professional teacher I carry on regardless, and you always seem to be in a Zen state!  But working out at home is totally different: your home may be your office, your meeting room, even your schoolroom. But fear not, as we have 5 top tips to help workout at home, and minimise the chaos.

Coping at home has just 5 steps: these keep you on track, motivated and focused:

1.You may need to stop your practice.

If its a live class, and on zoom, hopefully, whatever the distraction is, is off-screen.  Though I recently 👀 saw 👀 a naked man via a mirror he didn’t realise he could be seen in.  It might mean you miss a few minutes, but that is small in the grand scheme of things – sort it out and get back to it.  We record our Zoom sessions so our students have the luxury of the recording, but if it’s totally live, you’ll miss a bit.  Just a bit.

2.  On the other hand… 

You might be able to carry on, regardless.  Typical distractions can be the dog barking, children playing/being noisy, parcels being delivered.  If you can refocus and get back to the session.  If you let your household know that you are doing something very important, (and Pilates is!) they *might* leave you in peace!

3. Focus on your breath

When we do our relaxation sessions we always start with the breath – slowly in and out.  We suggest an in-breath for 4 counts and an out-breath for 6, allowing the nervous system to relax.  If you really are distracted go back to this basic ‘breathing for relaxation’ technique.  Not only that, but you will be getting another Pilates Principle during your session.

4. Don’t be too serious

Often in class, we are lighthearted and have a good giggle, but when the need arises we can be serious.  But the main reason people attend is for the Pilates and the banter.  There is a time to be serious, and a time to laugh.  We love laughing, and it allows us to not take life so seriously. You are practising and moving forward – and both should be celebrated.

5. Go off-plan.

As teachers, we try to give as many variations as possible so everybody can join in.  Sometimes though you might want to move differently or have a modification that I haven’t given you.  You need to do what is right for your body at every minute, and you are the best one to decide this.  You know how your body works best, so you off my plan, and onto your own.

Things will change day-to-day, but keep at it.  Imagine if you improved just 1% per day – what would that look like after 365 days?